Advice 1: Exercises to relieve mental stress

The lack of timely rest during mental work in conjunction with unhealthy lifestyle can cause a severe condition associated with overwork. To counteract this it helps the physical mobility, regular exercise.
Exercises to relieve mental stress

The proposed set of exercises can be used in the workplace an office worker and in other cases, when a person feels mental fatigue in the course of their work.


Sitting on a chair, stretching his arms up, straining the back and shoulders. Hold this position for up to 5 seconds.

Sitting on a chair, relax face muscles, the eyes close (the lower jaw droops). For 30 seconds to perform a swinging motion with his head to the side (at a slow pace).

Stretch your neck, do a rocking motion with his head to the side (slowly).

Standing with his back to the wall, to cuddle up to her shoulders, head, hips and heels, cross my arms on the back of his neck. To hold the pose up to 2 minutes.

Standing, raise hands up through the sides, leaving the leg back and bending at the waist.

Facing the back of the chair, to hold her, to set aside the leg back as far as possible, bend your lower back and make some springy movements back body.

Standing, alternately to raise the bent knee leg, trying to touch the elbow of the opposite arm. To perform the widest circular motion with his hands back and forth.

To perform the exercise called "smile" to stretch his mouth into a smile, showing teeth maximum. Write a word with head in the air (exercise improves brain blood flow).

It is recommended to perform breathing exercises. The rhythm of breathing slow, observing four phases, equal in time: "inhale — hold breath — exhale — hold breath". The duration of the phase from 2 to 7 seconds.

Good to do self-massage head: massage the point between the eyebrows, above the eyebrows; massaging fingers head, mimicking her wash; to RUB his ears with his hands, then covering her ears, put fingers to the back of the head, tapping on it. The last exercise helps to reduce the sensation of tinnitus, relieve vertigo. Also do the neck massage stroking and rubbing movements. Closing his eyes, slightly massaging the eyelids, eyebrows; widely disclosed, and then zazhmurivaet eyes, relieving tension in this area.

Do not forget about the simple and accessible method of recreation – walking, walking in the open air. In order to relieve mental fatigue you need to use the opportunity to walk, stroll at any load.

Advice 2: Exercises for the neck at the Bubnovsky

Exercises for the neck at the Bubnovsky is part of kinesitherapy system, in which the patient himself is involved in his recovery, focusing on the individual program. The complex of exercises should be done daily. The main condition is to monitor the posture.
exercises for the neck at the Bubnovsky
Dr. Bubnovsky S. M. created the alternative system of neurology and Orthopaedics, which aims to combat chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system at the expense of internal reserves of the human body and understanding your body. Bubnovsky became the Creator of an entirely new concept – kinesitherapy, involving the use of strength training equipment and individual programmes of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Who shows therapeutic exercises for the neck

Exercises on Bubnovskiy shown people with increased intracranial pressure, vascular dystonia, hypertension, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, sudden dizziness and memory impairment. Problems associated with pain and stiff neck, lack of blood supply to brain can be also solved by performing daily exercises. People who lead sedentary lives, whose work relates to mental work, shown exercises on Bubnovskiy. After all, the cause of many of the aforementioned problems is the deterioration of the internal muscles of the neck: they lose their elasticity and begin to compress the nerves and vessels, causing pain.

To improve the quality of their lives through regular training sessions within 14 days. After this period, the number of classes is reduced to two or three times a week. The main condition that puts the author is doing exercises with a straight back. It is necessary to constantly monitor the posture, so it is recommended to practice in front of a mirror to assess the correctness of technique execution.

A set of exercises

For the exercise "Spring" you need to drop the chin down and locked in that position for a few seconds and then pull it forward and slightly up. To re-lock at this point and return to IE.

To perform "Metronome" you have to tilt your head to the left shoulder, linger in this position for 30 seconds and return to IE. To perform the exercise in the other direction. Just to make 6 bends.

"Look to the sky" involves the head turning to the right to the highest possible value. Pausing for 30 seconds to perform the exercise in the other direction. The cycle consists of 6 repetitions.

Exercise "Goose" runs with straight neck and chin parallel to the floor. Craning his head forward without changing the position of the chin turning it to the right and pulled the chin to shoulder. Lock in this position for some time to return to IE. Run a loop of 6 iterations.

For the exercise "Heron" you must sit on a chair, hands on his knees, chin placed parallel to the floor. On account of "time" to take a direct hand down and slightly back, pulling the head up. Tensing for 30 seconds, go back to IE.

To complete a "Framework" is necessary to repeat the exercise "Look in the sky", but now the work needs to include shoulder girdle. Putting the right hand on the left shoulder, turn head to the right and stay in this position for 30 seconds. You must ensure that the elbow was parallel to the floor and the palm of his second hand lay on his knee. Repeat the exercise 3 times on both sides.

Exercise "the Fakir" also implies maximum rotation of the head, only the hands need to be kept above the head slightly bent at the elbows and with palms joined together. To make turns you need as in the previous exercises, not forgetting to linger at the maximum point for 30 seconds.
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