As scientists say, paying only half an hour a day in light physical exercise 6 times a week, older people can achieve better state of health comparable to the effect of Smoking cessation.

Researchers from Norway found that elderly men, to remain active, doing intense walking for 30 minutes, 6 times a week, for 12 years of the experiment was at risk of death by 40% lower than those who led a sedentary lifestyle. The health benefits of physical activity are well known, but the experts who conducted the experiment, admitted that they were surprised at how big it can be, even in old age.

The studies were conducted in Norway with the participation of a group of 6000 men aged 73 years and above. It turned out that those who worked most intensively, achieved the best results, but even small physical activity lowered the risk of death provided that the exercises were performed more than 1 hour a week.

Professor ingar Hill, who led the experiment, said that, although nearly everyone recognizes the tremendous benefits of exercise, less than half of the European population follows the recommendations. However, he added that a few pills can reduce mortality by 30-40%, and physical activity even in older people increases life expectancy by several years. Currently recommended for people aged 65 years and above to give 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week, such as Cycling or fast walking, and muscle strengthening that can be achieved through everyday activities such as carrying shopping bags and working in the garden.

Although this study examined a group of older men, the results, of course, affect women. There is no magic formula to stay mentally and physically healthy in old age, but a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, balanced diet and active social activities is a key factor. When the proportion of genes is the fourth part of all the factors that determine life expectancy, and lifestyle and nutrition have the remaining three quarters, then these simple tips can really change a person's life in old age.

Now, there are many lessons for those who want to live actively! A few areas that can be considered, physical therapy, yoga, qigong, Taijiquan. From personal experience I can say that qigong and tai Chi with regular exercises can work wonders. In my practice there were such cases that you need to write a separate article. The main thing - not to lose it and strive to learn something new.