You will need
  • - passport with the Moscow registration;
  • - insurance;
  • - matte photo 3*4;
  • - money.
To schedule an appointment for medical examination on the portal "Autocode", the Moscow government services website and portal INITIATIVES. Making entries online to reduce the time to design the reference. According to the regulations, the whole process of passing doctors will not take more than 90 minutes. Also those drivers who signed up via the Internet, Parking is available at the clinic at the time of admission.
Service records for medical examination via the Internet is still in pilot mode. Therefore, you may enroll in only one medical facility: Polyclinic No. 180. It is located in Moscow, Uvarov lane.
To schedule an appointment for medical examination via the Internet can only be adult citizens of the Russian Federation, having the Moscow residence permit and not being in the substance abuse and mental accounting. With contraindications the certificate is not issued.
For registration of entries via the Internet must be registered on the portals Autocode or public services. In the list of proposed services is necessary to select "obtaining a medical certificate for the traffic police." For the record, you will need to specify the mandatory medical insurance number and date of birth.
Then choose and reserve the time 7: 00 am to 20-20 on weekdays or Saturday. If Your plans change, portals affordable option cancellation reserve and the transfer of the visit to the clinic.
To undergo medical examination must come to the Department of paid services for 10 minutes before the appointed time. You need to have a passport and photos 3*4.