Generally, eggplant is a plant that is pretty well tolerated by all sorts of adverse environmental conditions, however, in the period of their stay in the premises of the torsion and poverty leaves can lead to death of seedlings. Therefore, if you notice that some leaves become slightly lighter, it is urgent to identify the cause of this and fix it, otherwise the plants will soon be able to curl the leaves that will lead to their death.

Often pallor and leaves twist eggplant says that they do not have enough light. If potted plants are in the back of the room, then move them closer to the window. Seedlings in any case should not be left under direct sunlight, otherwise the inevitable burns.

Also, the eggplant may not be enough water. Watering must occur two or three times in a week to defend water at room temperature. Remember, even with timely watering, the plant may receive less moisture, and the reason for that too the loose soil, which is not delayed water flows into the tray).

Inspect rolled leaves for better viewing, use a flashlight. If you notice a little light dots, remember this is a spider mite. In this case, will only treatment plants with special preparations from these pests.

To curl the leaves of an eggplant can from a lack of nutrients in the soil, especially if it is poor in calcium. If you have ruled out all of the above reasons, then swipe calcium fertilizing seedlings. Most likely this will be enough for the plants to gain strength.

If you transplanted the seedlings to the greenhouse, where there is enough light, moisture, nutrients, and other things, and the seedlings began to curl the leaves, in this case, will only the pouring of the soil with soft water (this procedure helps to remove excess salt). To do so, preferably before landing, otherwise, dig up the seedlings, slide the pouring, and after a couple of days again we will plant eggplants.