листья помидоров скручиваются вверх

If the day the garden covers heat shroud above 35* and night falls to the ground cold, the tomato leaves will curl up a boat along the main veins. Still, the tomato is a plant of South and prefers a temperate climate.

The lack of irrigation

листья скручиваются из-за недостатка полива

Dry earth cracks, tearing the roots of plants. In response to tomato leaves are compressed as if in pain. In order to avoid temperature surges and "pain", it is necessary to mulch the soil around the stem with straw or husk. Straightening the weakened plant will help "Novosil" with the addition of trace elements.

Bacterial cancer

Бактериальный рак томатов

The sign - leaves curl downward. To determine accurately the presence of cancer, cut off one stem at the root and inspect the cut. Brown stain on it – a sure sign of this disease. In the case of detection, all the plants, unfortunately, will not be easy to uproot, but be sure to burn, and the soil is deeply etched with boiling water with manganese. If to the delight of the owners Pamidorau thickets spots on the cut is not found, then the leaves curled, probably due to lack of phosphorus and boron. Here will help hasten "Sudarushka" with "Ryazanochka".

The lack of calcium

A sure sign – the leaves curl up and the tomatoes appearing apical rot. This can easily allow calcium nitrate.

Вершинная гниль на томатах

The potato aphid

This is the most dangerous enemy of tomatoes. It often is not just whirling leaves, and just skukozhivaetsya them. These vermin not only that, arrange themselves on stems and leaves of the table and the house and their stay is marked black mushrooms, they also are carriers of more than 50 virus diseases!

картофельная тля на помидорах

Fortunately, get rid of the transparent "pot-bellied little things" is easy: you can use any of the drugs from the Colorado potato beetle. One treatment is enough. Pay attention to the fact that the leaves after this treatment will not be straightened will remain curled, but new ones will grow normal, thick and silky". Will not fall off and aphids, she will sit on the stems and leaves. But munitsipalny.

Eliminating these sources of leaf roll, you can grow a healthy crop of tomatoes without any additional spraying of different fungicides.