Why not pick up money on the street: three common causes

For the money, especially on the detail, often induce damage. Magic is very popular with various rituals, when to lift the curse coins are used. All the negativity passes on to coins or paper money, which then must be discarded. It turns out that this discovery could be very dangerous.

Energy found money akin to the money stolen, as you know, the money obtained by dishonest means will never bring happiness.

One of the laws of the Universe is the law of Balance and Equilibrium. He says: "If somewhere something has arrived somewhere necessarily lose anything." This means that if you pick up the money and get the profit in other areas of life you expect trouble.

What to do with found money

If you are still unable to overcome temptation and you picked up money on the street, they should immediately fully spend.

But do not forget that together with other things you pick up and energy a stranger. You never know what could eventually turn into such an unexpected discovery.

Why not pick up found money: the case of life

I know one very interesting story associated with the money, which was transferred all the misfortunes, which followed one family for several years.

The family history is similar to Thriller. It seems to have everything necessary for a normal and happy life: a spacious house, material well-being and satisfaction in life. But the family is constantly harassed unhappiness. A young and healthy daughter-in-law could not conceive a child, the head of the family had suffered form different diseases, and his wife got into a terrible accident and miraculously survived. Trouble literally rained down on this family. In the end, the head of the family appealed for help to the famous healer. She advised him to get rid of a large amount of money to stave off unhappiness. Specific figures were not named, but it must be significant even for this relatively wealthy man.

For sure I know that was a special ritual, and charmed the money was thrown away.

Of course, it's tempting to find a large amount of money on the street, but you should think twice before they pick up and run home happily. It is unknown what the consequences might be, because the money, both metallic and paper are powerful.