Old superstitions about black cats

According to ancient beliefs, a black cat is a very bad sign, especially if it ran across your path. It is especially dangerous if it crosses the street towards you. Superstitious people spit three times over your left shoulder and walk forward, holding the button. Some people simply stop and wait, when will pass them forward to someone else. Of course, such superstitions already can be considered a relic. In this case, you need to consider a black cat as a sign from above. If she ran across you, then it does not matter, you managed to wait for another person to go after him or not.

There are also some very strange superstitions, which have been known since ancient times. It's amazing how this attitude to black cats, they had not been exterminated completely.

For example, it was believed that if the house is suddenly coming a black cat from the street, it means that soon someone in the household very sick.

During a thunderstorm it is better to throw poor black cat on the street, and then lightning strikes the house. It is generally inhuman omen of some sort. Unfortunate animal has to get wet on the street and only because of the fact that he managed to be born black.

If a child swallows the black hair, the baby needs to be sprinkled with Holy water, otherwise it will cease to grow.

Another old sign: if a man saw in a dream the night before Christmas, a black cat, and soon he will get sick.

In General, the common man black cats bring only sorrows. Another thing witches — for them a black cat is a symbol of witchcraft, since in ancient times it was believed that with the help of these animals the sorcerers leads to people damage and inflict curse.

An ancient ritual associated with black cats

In ancient times people believed that black cats can bring bad ruble. In order to become the owner of his money, it was necessary to find a black cat and a dark moonless night to bring him to a crossroads. One road lead to the cemetery. Now you need to mash the fucking that she began to meow. In a minute you will approach a stranger and offer to buy a black cat. This stranger will pay you a Fiat ruble. From this moment, how much you will spend, and the magic rouble will always remain intact.

Then you should consider: today, the ruble buys nothing, and it would be appropriate to modern realities, to ask a stranger, at least irredeemable thousand rubles. That's just unknown if he will pay such a sum for a black cat, or you refuse, and you will be left with nothing.

Can I keep a black cat in the house

Black cats have powerful energy and are closely connected to the spirit world. Despite all the preconceptions about these animals, all the time people keep their house. In ancient times it was believed that black cats attract financial prosperity in the dwelling where they live.

In fact, there is no danger in the black cats no. They can be safely kept in the house, nothing bad will happen. Especially that any black animal in the house is a robust charm and has a stronger energy than animals of another color. For example, a black dog to protect the house from thieves, and a black cat from the negative influence of other people.