Missionary position on the reclined front passenger seat. Man on top, woman possible to raise both legs as high as possible on the chair. Are guaranteed deep penetration, however, before the act should check whether firmly closed the glove compartment, or in the midst of passion, its contents may fall out onto the floor, ruining the moment of intimacy. You also need to be careful with airbags: they can work if the partner will actively beat them with his feet.
The rider on the rear seat. The man lies on his back, the woman sits on top. Then she will have to show some resourcefulness in order not to Bang your head, partner will just have to bow to partner very closely.
Sex on the hood of the car. For this you need to get out of the car. The woman turned her back to the man and leans against the hood. You can also have sex on the hood of the car in the position "man on top" when the feet of the lady to throw on the shoulders of the partner. In this embodiment, there are also disadvantages: you can mash the hood or be caught bystanders right in the midst of sexual pleasures.
The man behind the woman in the window. The partners are located in the back seat. Partner kneels and rests his hands in the side window, the man in the back. Of course, then all glass will be fingerprints and stains, but it's worth it: enjoyment is guaranteed.
Reclined chair. This position is useful to use all the space of the car. You need to spread out the front seat. Woman lies on her abdomen so that the torso was in the back seat. The headrest of the front seat in this position acts as a cushion placed under the abdomen that enables the partner to penetrate deeper.
Between two fires. Partner sits at the back seat, partner is between her legs, standing with knees on the floor. Feet women are on the backs of the front seats. This position will give the partner a lot of leeway and room to maneuver in the narrow space of a small car.
Only for the rich. You can just rent a limo and driving around the city to use the space with maximum profit for themselves.