Hide the bulges and dimples on the walls will allow high-quality Wallpaper. If the ultimate goal of fixation is to hide wall irregularities, it is better to abandon paper Wallpaper. They are too thin, so after the glue dries on the paper surface will show through the relief of the wall.

The optimal choice – vinyl or non-woven Wallpaper. Better if the surface is matte, and the pattern is small. Non-woven Wallpaper are a laminate, the inner surface of which has a levelling function.

An additional advantage of non-woven Wallpaper – ability to use a lining inner layer with repeated repairs. This external texture is removed in the usual way, but not carefully, and so that the remnants of alignment material remained on the wall. On the substrate, a new layer of Wallpaper will look smoother.

Visual trickery

The light accents also allow you to hide the uneven walls and ceiling. To skillfully use them, be aware that the more light falls on places with obvious irregularities, the more noticeable they are to others. To hide defects on the walls and ceiling, it is better to choose a chandelier on a long stalk, and the ceiling with dissipation effect.

In addition, attention to the irregularities attract various borders, dividers, frames and baseboards. Below the surface defects are less conspicuous, the plinth must be selected in the same colors as the walls. From contrasting colors when choosing frames for paintings and should abandon.