The first and important tip - the camera should always be with you. It's a shame to miss an interesting shot, leaving the camera in the hotel. Do not forget to regularly charge the battery. Use a card with sufficient memory.
Best camera for vacation - mirrorless. No extra lenses and additional accessories. Give preference to "auto" mode. To configure a camera on the tour is quite difficult. Moreover, modern technical means allow to do in this mode wonderful pictures. With the exception of the mode "night shot", "panorama". In short, when the pictures in one mode are done for a long time.
kak - sdelat -interesnye-foto - v - puteshestvii
Use the experience of other travelers. Before you go on a tourist trip, go to the forums and look at photos of other tourists. Select your favorite photo, note the location of the objects
the time of filming. The photos should not be only your happy faces on the background of attractions. To make interesting photo about the journey - take lots of pictures. Pay attention to national meals, Souvenirs at the local bazaars, unusual decorated shop Windows. Doing a report on the journey in front of friends and family, you will have the opportunity to write about anything not forgetting.
kak - sdelat -interesnye-foto - v - puteshestvii
To make interesting photo about the journey, click on the correct shooting time. Who wakes up early makes the most wonderful frames. Do not be lazy to rise early in the morning when everyone else is asleep. The lack of tourists on the streets, will allow you to make the one you want. And dim the morning light will have a positive impact on the quality of the photos.