If you want to take pictures on the phone, and you do not care what quality the pictures are, make having a good camera important criterion when choosing your model. And look not only on the number of megapixels. Important as autofocus, what camera optics, flash, shooting speed (how long it takes from the moment of release from the standby mode before the picture is taken), the presence or absence of the camera button on the case and other factors. Fortunately, the web is full of reviews from those who have used different models, and there are reviews on specialized websites with sample photos.
For example, to choose the right phone with a camera you managed. Now about how to use the resource of the device to the maximum. The first tip is very simple - check that the lens was clean. Dust, fingerprints can adversely affect the quality of the photo, so just wipe the optics with a soft cloth. In addition, do not wear the phone with keys and other objects that can scratch the camera.
Of course, the main thing in photography is light. In good light almost any camera can give the decent quality, the subject will be brighter and better color reproduction. Conversely, if the light is not enough, the picture may be dull. Come to flash, but to use it you need to properly: position your camera is not too close to the object to peresvyet, and not too far below the shots were not underexposed.
To make a good photo, please note on which side the sun. Facing him, the photographer becomes not worth it even if it does not hit the frame, you can catch a glare and ruin the picture. It is better to remove so that the sun was behind or to the side.
Select the distance so that your subject is clearly visible. Do not shoot from a distance, better approach. Digital zoom will reduce image quality.
Taking photos on any device, it is important to remember the rules of composition. There are a few compositional techniques to make the scenes interesting and memorable, but will cover this in a separate article. Here we only note that it is important not to fill up the horizon and to ensure that he was not in the middle of the frame below. If you are photographing a person, he must be the center of attention: if you have little against the wall, it the wall.
Shooting in low light or when photographing moving objects, find the object on which to rest the hand to avoid blur. If the object is not, hold the camera with two hands. However, if the object moves fast, it won't help - it needs a professional photographic equipment.
There are image editors and other programs that greatly enhance the quality of the pictures and also add various visual effects. Use them, so photos taken on a smartphone will be more diverse.