Give a gift

In some cases, the Internet fraud caused by the desire to make a joke or just to get free publicity for the group "Vkontakte", "Classmates" and other social network. It's usually posts like "I Bought an apartment in Moscow, but go to live in Thai, the apartment I don't need, sell it for repost" or "Close the store, there were five boxes of iPhones, nowhere to put them, so we'll give 30 random subscribers!" The fascination such repost there is a risk of spam or a subscription to a pay-phone services. To distinguish the fraudsters from the real raffle is easy: in the latter case, there are clear rules of engagement and terms of delivery.

Don't pass it by

"In the hospital of the red cross five floors of orphans, they have no toys and books, need urgent help, they even sweets never eat!" or "In kennel 48 police write off the old dogs! Save them together" - such calls, usually only harm the work of these volunteers. Need to suffer from the annoying attention, and the volunteers no longer be trusted. The information in the posts distorted and 99% inaccurate. What to do? Check the website of the organization in question (if you need help about this there will be notified). Wait a couple of days of the denial. In General, don't rush and find out. Most likely, this is a common cheat traffic and only likes "Vkontakte", "Facebook" and "Classmates". Photos and posts can and does belong to other people. By the way, you can't believe and words that the administration of the social network will transfer money to anyone for every like. This is an absolute lie.

To test — just

"In Russia banned lace panties", "the Deputies adopted the law against fast food", "School will be obliged to pass an examination on the Bible" - what apatania and scandalous title, the less likely that information has real implications. It is easy to check by opening any available database of legislative acts. If in the post there is no reference to the number and date of the decree or order is not necessary to make not only a repost, but generally believe it. It is likely that the instigators are not just trying to scare subscribers and manipulate public opinion in an unclear purpose.

Teach materiel

Regularly write "Vkontakte", "Facebook" or "Odnoklassniki" promise extraordinary events. The Moon will be just 100 km from the Earth, the gravity of Pluto behind Jupiter will make people weightless for 15 minutes. Such an excuse to cheat likes or votes at social media debunked, if you look in a school textbook or a children's encyclopedia. So you need to think before you do a repost of fantastic facts.