Good luck charm, hand made

Mascots hand-made are more significant than the purchase. This thing soaks up the warmth of human hands and positive energy. Talisman, hand made, contains a strange energy, and therefore work more efficiently.

What materials can be manufactured the mascot

It is best to use natural materials: natural stones, clay, wood, fabric. These materials store the Sun's energy, which helps to achieve the goals and charges of human optimism and faith in a happy future.

The mascot should be pleasant to touch and call by touch only positive emotions.

What shape should be the mascot

Round talisman brings to life its owner harmony and stability, helps to achieve well-being.

Oval mascot helps to make the right decision and find a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

Mascot square shape is a symbol of permanence and keeps the energy of the four elements.

Triangular talisman promotes contact with higher forces and helps to attract good luck.

The best time to create the talisman – a waxing Moon, which contributes to every endeavor and inspires the soul with hope and optimism.

How to charge the talisman, made by yourself

The creation of a mascot is something deeply intimate and magical, so make it in an atmosphere of silence and concentration. A person should be in complete peace and tranquility. Great importance when creating a mascot plays emotional. When you create a mascot, you need to think positively charging it with positive energy.

Once the job's complete, we have to wrap the talisman in a cloth and put it under the pillow.

We must try not to part with their talisman. It is best to keep it with you at all times, not to show anyone and not to talk about it to other people.

Only in strict compliance with all these conditions, the talisman, hand made, over time, will be truly magical thing that will bring good luck and help you to cope with problems.