Summer is the time to walk through the woods in search of mushrooms. If you had such a day, and you are lucky enough to collect mushrooms such as chanterelles, rejoice, because these mushrooms are very tasty, and prepared very simply and quickly.

So, before you start cooking the mushrooms, first clean any dirt from: leaves, needles, grass, etc., then rinse in cold water (best to use a sieve or colander), put the mushrooms in an enamel saucepan, cover them with water and put on fire.

As soon as the water boils and the foam appears, remove it and continue cooking the contents of the pan in about 10 minutes. After some time, turn off the gas, and the mushrooms drain in a colander. Chanterelles are cooked, now you need to let them cool down and you can start to prepare any meals.

How to cook chanterelles before frying

It is worth noting that cook chanterelles in order to remove all the dirt, so if you are going to fry these mushrooms, in this case, simply bring the water with chanterelles to a boil, then tilting them in a colander and thoroughly rinse in cold water.

To chanterelles turned out more tender, not dry, their pre-need 30-40 minutes to hold in cold milk or cream, and only then proceed to frying. Some Housewives do not cook these mushrooms before frying, but only carefully washed. If you choose this option of cooking mushrooms, remember that maintaining them in milk - a prerequisite, otherwise the dish will turn out dry.