What are the different types of coolers

Coolers really are very different, and they differ in coloring, size and power. Each of the parameters, but colors are extremely important, because not each size of the cooler will be included in the particular computer. For example, for cooling the CPU cooler is used with size from 5 to 9 cm, and extraction — coolers 10-12 cm, But it's not a rule, because everything also depends on the model and brand of computer, from the manufacturer of the cooler, and other factors. Today's computer coolers can be easily divided into two broad categories — coolers for modding and standard components.


Standard accessories coolers are immediately along with a computer, that is with the body. If you have the desire and the opportunity to add a few more coolers inside the case to facilitate the cooling process and make it more productive. Standard coolers available at specialty computer stores. They are distinguished by small capacity, so very popular, they do not use.

Coolers for modding

Modding is the same tuning, only the computer environment. This classification of the coolers has a high capacity and that are also nice, stylish appearance. In modern coolers, you can see the backlight, which can make the computer itself more colorful. But still the main parameter, which makes the coolers for the modding became popular, is power.

Endurance and power cooler

The power of any of the cooler is measured in revolutions per second and a power voltage. Standard coolers also have some power absorption current, in the range of 8 to 24 volts. Madingue the coolers have a power absorption of up to 64 volts. In other words, modingoane coolers more powerful.

A little bit of facts. In order to begin work, the graphics card needs to be heated to 65 degrees, and this heat for 15-20 seconds, until the computer starts up. Until the user plays, the temperature holds, but after running some heavy games, the graphics card heats up to 75 degrees, and it is also normal temperature. But during the game the temperature will rise, so there are coolers, lowering her. Conventional cooler, cooling a video card that gives all the power and begins to warm himself. What kind of cooling there can be a speech? Madingue the coolers cope with this task with dignity, without interruptions.

In the end, if you need high quality cooler, you should buy it madingou a model that is not only beautiful, but also useful. But if the right model easier, and for office and not gaming, you can purchase a standard, ordinary cooler, it would be enough.