First, what you have to do is take a ticket in the clinic and take a blood test for hormones. Long-standing problem with acne, in most cases, indicates a serious hormonal imbalance. It's a quick and free procedure. After the test results will prescribe required medication and you will need to complete the course of treatment. If the analysis showed no problems, in that case visit a gynecologist and ask them to prescribe appropriate birth control pills. After the first month of taking any kind of any hormonal medications (prescribed to you), you'll notice a striking improvement of the skin. Moreover, this treatment helps to resolve problems with weight - excess weight gradually goes away, and excessively redundant, on the contrary, increases.
Do not touch the pimples and the skin never, under any pretext, except during services. We need to take it very seriously. Perhaps this is the main point. No pimple, no black dot should not be pressed in his own home. This should be dealt with only by qualified personnel and only when the pimples will cease to be chronic. One squeezed a pimple or stripped the crust from drying up the pimple is guaranteed to lead to the spread of infection and the emergence of five new pimples on your face. If you have a steady habit to touch the face and inflammation, keep the ban in his head and odergivala yourself every time when you touch the face. Soon you will get rid of this habit.
At a time when you are at home and before bed, apply a dot on all the available acne zinc paste (not the ointment, namely the pasta). From time to time it is updated. Let it clock is on the inflammation. This must be done every day as soon as come home, and every night before bed. Zinc paste is guaranteed to cure both conventional and subcutaneous pimples. First, it in General cleanses the skin, and secondly, being on the face of the paste gets rid of the maniacal desire to squeeze fresh pimple and gives him quietly wither or fade away.
Of course, the daily morning and evening care should remain traditional, the type of your skin: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Because the skin must be perfectly cleaned and moisturized every day, no matter what the circumstances. A very important point: if you really want to get rid of the inflammation, categorically refuse any mechanical damage to the skin. During treatment of acne, under any pretext do not use the scrubs, even the softest; do not squeeze no black points (you can just gently massage the baking soda scrub or nose to gently clean it, or pull black dots with a clay mask and then narrow pores, the face was washed with ice water); do not visit the salon cleaning and peeling, because it is guaranteed to be even more contagious and the whole effect of the treatment and your efforts will certainly come to naught. Not every beautician will tell you about this, because for many it's just business. Take care of yourself - be patient until full recovery and then you can begin gently used scrubs and visit is necessary for your skin cleansing.
A very important point - the sex life. Of course, with a reliable health partner. Regular intimacy transforms comprehensively and, in particular, a surprisingly good impact on the skin. It is a natural requirement of the body. It is also important to monitor the presence in the body of vitamins, try to eat right, not smoke, not abuse alcohol, to move a lot and to fully sleep. Compliance with all the above points very quickly into a pleasant habit and becomes a natural part of everyday life. The body, in turn, will respond to you with gratitude in the form of well-being transfigured shapes and, of course, in the form of glowing skin.