Aristocratic hands and the complex inner world

Narrow aristocratic hands, long, nervous fingers talk about the mind, a complex nervous organization, fine sensitivity, sexual sensuality. People with such hands more often available much: analysis and coverage of the overall situation, forecasting future events and creativity. They have a highly developed intuition and aesthetic taste, accented with the bright qualities of a leader. Among them you can often find doctors and inventors, as well as artists, poets, musicians and other creative people.

Men with long fingers, particularly your ring, much chance of success among the opposite sex. Beautiful men's hands attract women. It is not surprising that men with such hands often have a reputation as a womanizer and unfaithful.

Women with long manicured fingers and narrow palms, there is increased self-esteem and tough demands on the partner, the propensity to whims and romance. An elongated ring finger indicates the subtle sensuality and the desire to diversify their intimate life. Usually these women are excellent mistresses, and socialites, and if they prude, one of those referred to: "still waters and run deep".

Thin long fingers indicate a light of vulnerability and heightened pride. These people are often accompanied by a light melancholy, they are prone to frustration, depression and misanthropy. Negative manifestations can be self-blame, the tendency to excessive fluctuations in decision-making, the desire to rule over people, and sometimes sarcastic nature, prone to psychological sadism.


Make out each finger individually

Long, textured and developed the thumb indicates a high intelligence, the propensity for calculated risk about the ability to creativity and business, ability to command, control people, and even to manipulate them to their advantage.

The index finger will tell about ambitions, about the relationship with employees, family and friends. The longer the index, autoritarna behaves. If the index finger is longer than all the rest, a person likely possess dictatorial, intolerant of any opinion that contradicts his point of view. The pursuit of power, secret vices, and the unrestrained dominance - that's what can tell is too long index finger.

The middle finger is associated with the intellect and the spiritual core of a person. The longer it is the harder a person's beliefs, the more stable values. If the middle finger is longer than all the others, people can have a strong spiritual core, life force, and flexible, powerful intellect.

And extended little finger says about the ability to public speaking, ability to convince the interlocutor, and a great sense of humor. However, the shadow side may be unnecessary sarcasm, unkind irony.


Long fingers and a probable disease

What else you got long fingers? About potential diseases that often afflict those with long fingers. The fact that the growth of fingers in males is influenced by testosterone and women have estrogen. Finger length can tell you about hormonal balance, and therefore on the diseases that can trap a person.

Men with long ring fingers are more at risk of getting osteoarthritis, frequently suffer from colds, vulnerable to chicken pox, rubella, measles. But the probability of heart attack and stroke are reduced.

Long index finger in women is associated with a high content of estrogen in the body. This affects not only the character far not angelic, overbearing and intolerant. such women have an increased chance of developing diseases associated with sexual sphere, and also the propensity to mammary tumors. Men with long index finger are most often myocardial infarction, increased risk of stroke. And women and men with the same symptom can be Allergy, asthma, and lungs are vulnerable.

Of course, to characterize the person relying only on the length of his fingers, it is necessary very carefully, without jumping to conclusions. It is best to check your observations on closer acquaintance.