The palm in General

Square palm with short fingers - practical orientation. It is realist and conservative with excellent organizational skills, he likes to be in control. Square palm with long fingers - intellectual orientation. Such a person is rational, agile and open-minded.

Long palm with short fingers - the sign of intuition. People are active and energetic, interested in new, loves attention. Long palm with long fingers - sensitivity. This man is easily changed mood, it is very burdened with pressure and stressful situations.

Generally, long fingers say about the analytical mindset and resistance to influence. A man not prone to impulsive acts, its decisions are balanced. Short fingers - susceptibility to emotions and impulsivity. If the fingers are too short, inherent in the human narrow-mindedness. If too long – he is fearful and can't concentrate.

The closer the fingers are to each other, the more a person is stingy and categorical. More and more people are open and generous. Movable fingers indicate the mobility of the mind, poorly developed and inflexible – tugtupite. Talking about the determination of the index, ring and pinky fingers, "looking" in the direction of the middle finger. If they "look" from him, the man does not know how to set goals and achieve them.

About the fingers and nails

The thumb – the will and the mind. Long, energy and sense of purpose, short – passivity and timidity. Short and skinny – yielding effect, the weakness, the indecision. Too big arrogance. Flattened top – to- anger. If the top joint is longer than the lower – despotism.

Short index finger – fear of responsibility, lack of confidence, lack of independence. Long – resourcefulness, ambition, leadership qualities. Almost equal to the average – intolerance of opinions and arrogance. Short middle finger emotion, spontaneity. Long – seriousness and self-absorbed. Too long, melancholy.

Long ring finger – the optimism, the excitement, the passion. Short – care. Long little finger – charisma, independence, influence. Short – sharpness, the tendency to rash decisions. Rate the phalanges. Narrow nail phalanx intuition, wide – materialism. The more pronounced the middle phalanx, the practical man, the bottom talks about the importance of wealth.

Rectangular nails – responsibility, vigor, optimism. Trapezoidal self – confidence, thirst for recognition, categorization. Square – poise, discretion, independence. Round – kindness, sentimentality, failing. The fan – activity, a wit, a keen sense of justice.