Peonies - flowers that do not require special care when growing, but like many other plants they get sick. The first signs of disease on peonies are visible on the leaves: they can change color, shape, cover with stains, to dry, to twist. Twisting and leaf drying peonies often occurs from a lack of potassium in the soil or damage the roots of plants, for example, rodents.

"Rust" is one more reason, which can curl up the data sheets of flowers. When this fungal disease on the leaves of peonies appear at first small yellowish-brown spots, then these spots start to grow, leading to desiccation and twisting of leaves, and eventually death of the plant.

Peonies to grow up healthy, you need to properly care for them, observing all the rules. Since most fungal diseases occur due to excessive moisture of the earth, the flowers need to, first, put each other at such a distance that is well ventilated soil, second - time to weed the flower beds, the third is moderately watered and fed in a timely manner.

If your garden some plants affected by the fungus, to protect the peonies from disease, you should take preventive measures. For example, the earth around the flowers, you can spray once a week, one percent Bordeaux liquid or a solution of oxychloride of copper (six to seven grams per 10 liters of water).

Currently in stores you can see many different antifungal drugs: purchase a couple of tools and use according to instructions. Proven "Fundazol", "Topsin-M", "fitosporin-M", ground sulphur. In the fight against "rust and powdery mildew can be sent and a homemade copper-soap drugs.