1. Propping up her face with his hand.

According to research scientists, our hands are home to over 200 species of bacteria. Interesting fact: in the hands of women twice more germs than men's hands. Therefore, to touch the face preferably when you get home and your hands clean.
2. Rarely my make-up brushes.

Brushes - these are necessary items that we apply makeup to the face. If they are wrong to care, in the future it will lead to skin problems. That is why the brush that we use for embellishments, wash after each use, and for powder and blusher will be enough once a week.
3. Combed wet hair.

When combing wet hair we get split ends. To start slowly and gently Pat your hair in a towel, a little dry and only then brush.
4. Very often pripudrivayut face.

The powder is used multiple times a day leads to a contamination of skin pores. Come to the aid of matting napkin, which will occupy fully Shine. But in any case do not impose layer after layer of powder on the face.
5. Pull out eyebrows before makeup.

This is an error that allows for the most girls. After plucking around eyebrow once there is irritation. So to do makeup and adjust the eyebrows need different days. For the correction of eyebrows are best suited evening.
6. Apply perfume to the hair.

Usually in the composition of perfumes is alcohol, therefore, carefully see to it that they do not fall on the hair. Because the use of such spirits dries your ends.