The first step is to choose suitable plants. For growing on a windowsill will suit those orchidsthat adapt well to various conditions. This, for example, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, oncidium and various hybrids.
How to plant orchids
Then you need to get and buy an Orchid and it to propagate. Remove the plant from the pot and cut the root of shears on a few pieces. Each should remain 2-3 pseudobulb. Pieces of root with young pseudobulbs can be planted with old - need to put in the moss and wait until adventitious buds. If you chose monopodial the Orchid can be propagated by stem. Cut the top with aerial roots: it can be put. And the remaining stump continuing to spray, it will give shoots from adventitious buds on the stem. When the shoots appear their own roots, they can be separated from the hemp plant.
When planting material is ready, it is necessary to prepare the pot and soil. The earth is better to buy special substrate at the bottom of the pot, you have to put a thick layer of drainage – gravel, expanded clay, brick chips. On top of the drainage we must put the substrate in such a way that when the plant will be put into the pot, the root and base of pseudobulbs were located at the top of the pot.
It is now possible to plant the Orchid. Positioning the plant in the pot, leave room for a couple of prorostkov young pseudobulbar. The roots should not be spread very carefully: they are fragile and can break. Just pour the substrate in the spaces between the roots, and then fill the entire pot. Not zaglubljaja the rhizome is very hard, it can rot. But very high the plant is not black, because then it will be difficult to fix. The top substrate should be mulch with moss, so the root is between the moss and substrate.