Can pregnant women attend the funeral

It is desirable during pregnancy not to be missed sorrowful events, especially in this period, the mentality of women is changing and it may be an unusual situation, and just the expectant mother may become ill. Negative emotions during pregnancy is extremely undesirable. Of course, no one is immune from what can happen during pregnancy, some of the family members. Sometimes the presence at the funeral is necessary.

If a pregnant woman attends the funeral on a cemetery it is impossible to spend. It is in any case should not take part in the funeral procession. Her body is so weakened due to the press of grief, and the presence at the funeral from the beginning to the end can cause irreparable harm to the health of the unborn baby.

So pregnant women should not go to the funeral, only if very desperate situation, when the die is very close and native people.

Why pregnant women can't go to the cemetery

Generally, the cemetery is not to go for the sake of curiosity. This is a place that is dead has a powerful energy, and it is everywhere: on the fences, trees, benches. Pregnant woman rest more vulnerable to the negative influence of dead energy. She becomes an easy prey for entities from the subtle worlds that live in abundance in the cemeteries.

There is another point, which also can not be discounted. Today a lot of divorced home-grown sorcerers, and magicians veshchunov. They are just crowds go to the graveyards, performing magical rituals, the meaning of which is often unknown. As this does not sound crazy, but some of them are literally "live" in cemeteries, looking for easy prey. Pregnant women for people just a real gem. Pregnant it is much easier to convey someone's illness or "pick up" her unborn child, and move him to any client suffering from infertility. Of course, such manipulations do not always lead to the desired result, but to harm a pregnant woman can.

During pregnancy it is advisable to charge only positive energy, and visiting cemeteries this does well this does not help.