Rose of puff pastry: ingredients for 6 pieces

- 1 package puff pastry;

- 2 apples of medium size;

- juice of half a lemon;

- a tablespoon of flour;

- 3 tablespoons apricot or peach jam;

- cinnamon (optional);

- powdered sugar for decoration.

Dessert in the form of roses: the cooking process

Preheat the oven to 190C. In a bowl designed for microwave oven, pour a little water and squeezing the juice of half a lemon. Apples cut in half, remove the core and cut so thinly as possible. Immediately put them in a bowl with lemon water to apples is not oxidized and did not change the color.

Розочки из слоеного теста с яблоками

Put a bowl of apples in the microwave for about 3 minutes at maximum power. Slices should slightly soften so that they are easier to work, but it does not turn into a mess.

Розочки из слоеного теста с яблоками

In a bowl, mix the jam with two tablespoons of water sent for 1 minute in the microwave. Work surface sprinkle with flour, roll out the dough and cut it into 6 equal strips. Each strip of dough lubricates jam, optional sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

Lay out overlapping slices of apples, close the dough and very gently roll to form a rosette.

Розочки из слоеного теста

Розочки из слоеного теста

Розочки из теста

The easiest baked dessert in the form for cupcakes. 30 minutes form needs to be in the middle of the oven, then it need to move down another 10-15 minutes, until the dough is cooked.

Розочки из слоеного теста

Ready dessert decorate with icing sugar. Culinary masterpiece is ready!