You will need
  • - one package frozen puff dough - 500 grams
  • - three apples
  • - 100 grams of fresh or frozen raspberries
  • - one tablespoon of cane sugar
  • - flour for obvalivanie test
  • - one tablespoon of refined olive oil
  • - one tablespoon of sour cream
  • - one tablespoon of cinnamon
Thaw the dough, divide it into eight parts. Roll out thin squares. Leave for some time.
To prepare the filling. Clean the apples from the skin. Cut into small cubes. In a deep frying pan heat the oil. Arrange the apples and fry a little. Add the raspberries, mix well, cover and then for five minutes. Add brown sugar, stir and wait to dissolve. To wait until it has cooled.
-kak-prigotovit-bulochki-s-yablokami - malinoy - koricey
Spread the filling on the dough, raise the edges and pin. Turn on the oven, put the buns on a baking sheet and leave the oven door open. In thirty minutes, when the buns will fit, close the oven and bake at 200 degrees. When the buns browned - remove from the oven.
After muffins with apples, raspberries cooled, spread the top with sour cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.