Furunculosis is one of the most common causes of severe pain in the nose. In diseases of the skin, the pain may move in the frontal and temporal region of the head. There is redness and tension of the tissues, the nose becomes swollen. Attempt to touch the affected area ends up strengthening the pain. Visual inspection showed narrowing in the nasal passage. The boils are usually appears in the nose in people with weakened immune systems.In acute or chronic rhinitis also there is pain in the nose. Perhaps the pain is not so strong, but this does not mean that rhinitis does not need treatment. A person with a chronic runny nose can be fixed such negative reflexes as "mygenie" nose, besides in the background of rhinitis may develop more serious disease. A sharp and rather severe pain in the nose happens in various injuries, which affect the integrity of the tissues as a result of blows, falls, or other situations. Severe pain in the nasal cavity appear in this disease as neuralgia nourishing nerve or syndrome Carlina. Most often this pain occurs at night, sometimes the attacks last for 10 minutes, but it happens that the person suffers for several days. The character of the pain is crushing and unbearable hurts not only the nose eye sockets and forehead. The most excruciating pain happens when sinusitis(inflammation of the sinuses), for example in the sinus. As a result of this disease is narrowing of the lumen of the nasal cavity, and sometimes complete overlap. Due to the delay of nasal secretions there is severe pain, decreasing after facilitating the outflow of the contents that are in the nasal sinus. In sinusitis location of the pain depends on which sinuses affected. If the frontal sinuses are inflamed, it hurts the forehead and in the sinus the pain experienced in the teeth and the area of the cheeks. It usually intensifies at night or in the morning. When pressing on the area of inflammation causes a sharp pain in the nose, which gives to the head, the temples or crown. If the person suspects that the cause of the pain was trauma, he needs to seek help for trauma, and in other cases, not involving injury, it should be an appointment to the audiologist.