Generally, brides decide that it is worth. Reasons to take the surname of her husband a lot. The most common is pressure from older relatives and categorical: "So it is accepted!". The bride saying the name of her husband and took her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, so not to break tradition. What will people say if husband and wife will have different names? In addition, if the child will give the name of the father, then the mother will be for "alien". Such talk reduces to the fact that marriage is for the sake of a stamp in the passport and the name change, have a great impact on women, and sometimes even forcing them to change the pretty name for very dissonant.Another equally common reason is fear. The bride is afraid to offend her future husband. The new name in this case is a sign of belonging to the husband, proof that the man and woman in marriage become one.There are brides who, for whatever reason, my dream is to change the name. Some of them in my childhood she was teased, someone is just unpleasant. Some want to have a more harmonious or even a noble namethat nowadays is a very fashionable. In such cases, the woman, at least, nothing to lose, and maybe it becomes something desirable or even fulfilled his dream.Sometimes the bride takes the surname of her husband, because he believes this will help her to change his character and even fate. For her after the wedding the new life begins, and the old, together with all the failures and problems, we nee. New name, documents, marital status, signature – all this gives some women hope for a more happy life.In that case, if a woman marries a foreigner and plans after that to move to another country for permanent residence, she may take the surname of their husbandin order to quickly become your among representatives of other nationalities and to better adapt to their life.It is important to remember that happiness rarely depends on the names of husband and wife, and the shared surname does not save no divorces or infidelities. Therefore, every bride makes their own choices, and most importantly, that he was right for her future family.