Cysts may be congenital or newly emerging. Cyst formation occurs for two reasons: a blockage of the ductless glands and accumulation of secretions. Either can occur cavity is filled with fluid. The danger of testoobraznaja is their frequent infection, possible degeneration into malignant tumors (especially ovarian cysts). They do not disappear on their own, but only, as a rule, increase in size.Cystic growth is exposed to any tissue of the body. The most common cyst of the ovaries, breast, kidney, liver. Based on the mechanism of their formation, there are several types: ramolitsionnye cyst, traumatic, parasitic, dizontogeneticheskie, retention, ovarian cyst.The cause of education ramolitsionnye cysts is necrosis of the tissue or organ is separated from the living tissue by the sheath of connective tissue, which is the shell of future cysts. The dead tissue eventually undergoes decomposition by the action of enzymes and reborn to a semi-liquid state. This kind of testoobraznaja characteristic of the tissues of the brain and bones.In the tissues of the pancreas and liver cysts are formed often due to soft tissue injuries, and they are called traumatic.Parasitic cyst – neoplasm around the body of the parasite. Characteristic for the disease hydatid disease, cysticercosis.Congenital cysts, having a tissue of embryonic origin, rudiments of teeth, hair, etc., referred to as dizontogeneticheskie cysts. Formed as a result of changes in the processes of formation of tissues and organs in the early stage of the formation of the human body.Cysts of the mammary and salivary glands, formed by the blockage of the excretory ducts of the glands and accumulation of secretions accumulating in the outlet channel and increases it to a certain size, referred to retention cysts.Cysts ovarian tumor refers to the formations of cavity filled with liquid contents. Often develops in young women, than after 50 years. May be solitary but more often in the form of cystoma is several pieces that may subsequently acquire a malignant character. Cyst removed surgically.Cyst of the ovary has several types, depending on the reasons for its formation. Cysts luteum and follicular cyst related to functional cysts are formed due to hormonal failure. Can disappear with proper treatment with oral contraceptives, but if this does not occur within the 3-month treatment resort to surgical treatment.Other types of ovarian cysts (pravarasena, endometrioma, serous, mucinous, dermoid) only applies to surgical treatment. Previously, ultrasound determine the nature of the cyst.In the treatment of cysts consider both the etiology and the form of the disease and peculiarities of organism. Appointed ultrasound examination, laboratory diagnosis, laparoscopy, and based on the obtained data it is possible to treatment assignment, adequate in this case kitoobraznye.