What goes with blue skirt

Skirt blue is no less popular than the black. To choose what it is possible to carry, is not difficult, because blue is a shade that looks great with all the classic tones, and with many bright, pastel. This fact suggests that blue skirt you can make a lot of all images, which will not remain without attention and is suitable for different occasions.

Dark blue pencil skirt, shirt or a fitted straight style, black or dark blue shoes and bag - ideal office look. If this set to adjust a little, replacing the accessories for more bright, for example red, then you can safely go in the evening to a restaurant or theater.

To create a romantic, casual look perfect long blue skirt, made from either chiffon or satin. Complete a similar outfit peach top, white t-shirt or a beige blouse, and accessories in gold and you can safely go to conquer the hearts of men.

Want to create a club? And then a blue skirt save. Pick a short tight blue skirt, complement it with a black corset, black shoes with high heels, a small purse in a gold tone and a bright evening look is ready. By the way, if the corset is replaced by a cropped jacket, and the "studs" on the flats, you get a pretty stylish set, suitable for everyday wear.

If your wardrobe has a pleated blue skirt, or you're just going to buy it, remember that it look great with short jackets, denim jackets mid-length, classic jackets with green, orange, beige, crimson or lemon yellow.