To protect the walls near the sink and stove need to use materials that are well washed from the trapped it spray grease, soap, and be fire resistant. So even if you chose for wall decor of kitchen the usual Wallpaper in the area where to prepare meals and wash the dishes, do the so-called kitchen apron – set water - and fire-resistant panel. In addition, the apron is designed to decorate the kitchen, to emphasize its advantages.

The apron can be done in ceramic tiles. This is probably the most well-known and old solution. Advantages of ceramic tiles is undeniable – it is completely safe for human health, its durability and decorative qualities have long been known and appreciated (more about Dostoinstvo ceramic tiles see my earlier article).

Close option to ceramic tile – mosaic. With it easier to decorate the curved surface. It can be made of ceramics, glazes, metal, glass, natural or artificial stone. By the way, from natural or artificial stone (Polyresin) will also make a great apron, but the cost will be more expensive than ceramic tiles or mosaics.

Good option – tempered glass. This apron is easy to install it is not as expensive as, for example, mosaic or stone. Design glass apron can be very interesting, also it is possible to install lighting for the transparent or translucent apron, you can put decorative elements (dried flowers, etc.).

For finishing the apron can be used and less common versions of the materials – brass, copper, steel, aluminum. These options are also quite expensive, and not for everybody.

Of course, kitchen apron can be done from plastic, MDF, wood, etc., but the selection of these materials is not very good, in the light of requirements for its behavior.