First you need to prepare a place for washing the animal. If you live in a city apartment, the best place is the bathroom. Most cats are afraid of water and all its four paws begin to resist bathing. Contemplate this moment and remove hanging towels, extra jars, soap dishes. Previously open shampoo which are going to wash pet. Note that when the animal will be in your hands to open the shampoo may be uncomfortable.

Next you need to call cat. Do it right – look the animal straight in the eye. The cat needs to take over the crease in the skin, the scruff. Note that if a favorite heavyweight, then you may not have the strength to lift it, it will hurt him. The paws of the cat should be hanging out in the air. If you correctly take in hand, that animal will be in a kind of trance and wash will be held safely and peacefully.

Be careful – the water should not get into the ears and nose. The cat may start to panic, will be desperate to scratch. Be calm, because you are stronger.

Now start soaping the animal – put him on his hind legs to the bathroom and apply the shampoo, start from the head, then wash the belly, back, paws and tail. Usually at this point the cats calm down – own situation, begin to examine the shampoo.

One hand continue to support the cat standing on his hind legs, and another rinse shampoo. If your pet has great hair, you need to press wool in the bathroom. The owners of short-haired Pets can go directly to the next step.

Definitely need to wipe the cat with a towel, otherwise it can easily catch a cold. Wrap it, push yourself, let it to settle down a bit. A little later, the cat wants to get out of the embrace and to lick itself – don't let him.

Remember, Hairdryer use is prohibited! It to death can scare the animal, which already is under stress.

Another important point is to wash the cat needs his master. The owner of the animal is the one who feeds him and cleans after him. During such an important procedure, he need not be present, it is even about the household.