Make a list of what needs to be done. If any important things you need to perform on the day, schedule them at a specific time. It happens that right now you're not doing something that is needed. Write a to-do list on paper and put it next. Now start to take turns to do one thing after the other. As soon as something is ready, take it off. This will bring a significant moral satisfaction, because you are doing your duty. The finished work encourage you and give forces to further achievements.
Too much to do that you postpone for the near future, can create the illusion of impossible responsibilities and huge scale, but in reality are a fairly simple task. Every great thing that causes you fear because of their size, scatter in a few paragraphs, each of which will be easy to perform. Most importantly, you feel psychological comfort at the thought about each item of a big task. Any separation stage should be characterized by some partial completeness of the General case, to have its logical end.
If you still can't seem to bring myself to consistently do things list, I will once again pick up this sheet of paper. Now, on the contrary, each case write what good is waiting for you after you finish. Suppose you need to run the report upon its completion, you can count on approval from the authorities or simply for the relief that this task is over you no longer hangs like the sword of Damocles. If things to fulfill an urgent need, but you can't come up with pleasant consequences from them in the near future (for example, the use is expected only in the future), then introduce a system of incentives.
Call yourself a passion for sports. Tune in to what you need to overcome difficulties. Cheer up, drink coffee, and more! Can use your favorite music that inspires you, or other techniques that enhance your performance. The most important thing for you now is to come together and join the competition with laziness. Think of the money you receive for the work, about the people your business will bring benefit and that you will not succeed if you do not perform important tasks.
Don't forget to relax. It is much better to spend sufficient time to rest, and then quickly to solve tasks than to do it slowly, and do not have time to rest. Good only those people who are well rested. Remember this rule and follow it. Do not forget about the sport. If your body is not in good shape, energetic action from you will not be able to achieve.