This effect is paralysis of the muscles and it lasts no more than 2 minutes. During this condition, the person is unable to move, his eyes open, he rolls bestial fear. Some feel pressure in the chest. Many wonder: "if sleep paralysis?" Should drop your fears, because modern medicine says that sleep paralysis is safe, he can't immerse the person in a lethargy, coma, or make you mad.

People who believe in unexplained phenomena, and other mysticism to believe that this is the machinations of evil spirits. It is worth mentioning that the mythology of various peoples mentioned this syndrome and associate it with the attacks of the jinns, goblins, devils and other evil spirits.

The symptoms of sleep paralysis:

· inability to move;

· feelings of fear, of death;

· feeling a strange presence;

· voice, other sounds;

· a feeling of heaviness in the chest.

Causes of sleep paralysis

This symptom is very rare and, as a rule, man can not experience regularly. Suffer sleep paralysis people who from time to time not getting enough sleep, suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, next to mental disorders. This symptom is also identified those individuals who are in a constant state of stress.

If you suffer from syndrome old witch, then you should put in order your mental health. Another important tip – try not to sleep on the back, because studies show that most sleep paralysis manifests itself exactly in this position.

In that case, if you were in a state of sleep paralysis, try to move, blinked, try to bite my tongue, it's so much faster you will recover.