How to choose a puppy

First of all you need to refrain from spontaneous purchases of a puppy. Yeah, so you can find your friend, but too often wound up under the influence of fleeting desires pet does not fit into family orders does not match the rhythm of people's lives and banal is not to the court.

The fact that his desire to get a dog you need to specify. The whole family gather on the Board, take a sheet of paper and start to fill in the two columns. The first of these desirable characteristics make your pet the second the ones that some of you (even just one family member) does not accept, does not want to see and will not accept not under any pretext.

And need to make as objective as possible and traits, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. For example, if someone of you is absolutely not like the prospect of seeing the house of puddles from the puppy, you should record this fact and to make a significant conclusion that you need to look potrasenoy dog: older than 5-6 months, or even adult pet. Because any puppy up to six months can do their Affairs in the house, and it is considered normal. Moreover, baby will need increased attention and care. To feed a puppy 2-3 months of age need 5-6 times a day, which is a problem for families with normal work schedule. As a rule, new owners for 1 month of puppy's life in the house take a vacation.

What characteristics of dogs may be important

In the same way you describe your preferred (and unacceptable) not only behavioural patterns, but also the exterior: the ears, the tail, the dog's size, color, coat. Do you want to see the abundant hair, like a collie, long-haired, or prefer minimal hair, like a boxer, do you expect to get a pet with floppy ears like a Spaniel or erect ears. You may consider dogs above 30 centimeters at the withers, or Vice versa, will be looking for someone not less than 50 see

Be sure to specify if you prefer a hunting dog, perhaps as a child you were such and fond memories affect your choice of which dog to get. However, note that working dogs require high loads, ideally close to their function in the hunt. Also if you selected "service dog", please note that you do not pass a required course of training with a pet, really evaluate your strength and capabilities.

Avoid stereotypes

Each of the items to reduce the list of possible breeds for your family. So you will be able to drill down into the desired pet to the maximum extent. And even if you are not able to call the result of any one breed in the list, will help you to any dog handler or breeder.

When working on a virtual portrait of the future friend try to avoid stereotypes, such:

  • small dogs are better for children (in fact very many small dogs are afraid of children);
  • wool from dogs is a lot of wool on the floor (just from Shorthair her more paradoxically);
  • small dogs don't need to educate and train (education is necessary and it is more difficult than for dogs medium to large breeds);
  • large and shaggy dogs are only appropriate in a kennel in the yard (partly true, many are not very tall dogs are able to live only in the yard (huskies, husky), at the same time their bigger dogs (collies) would prefer to chat with the owner living in the house with him).

However, if all this wisdom you nothing, you really can take a pet from the street, made happy any purebred Ball, which will run for you. It is desirable not only to catch the dog out of the pack since these dogs are mostly feral and not perceive man as an older friend and master.

How to choose a puppy breeder

Once you have decided on the breed, sex and color of the dog, find the nearest to your home kennel club and ask how things are with this breed in your area, you may have to wait a litter or even go for the puppy to another city. Do not ignore your dreams, if your nearest nursery was for 1000 miles, it is better to spend even a week on the road for the puppy than the next 15 years to live with a sense of dissatisfaction.

If your plans extend beyond pet's favorite sofa, you dream to conquer the exhibition of Olympia, to participate in breeding, improving the breed, you need to approach the issue, what kind of dog to have, more carefully. Will need to read the standards of expected species, not only to get acquainted with the breeder of your puppy, but also with other breeder in advance to visit some major exhibitions. Learn the breed characteristics, preferences of judges, and many, many nuances.