A small child to get a dog is still not worth it, despite all his requests. First, three to five-year-old kid just can't help you with the care of animals, and secondly, at this age the child still does not understand, when he does hurt the dog. This does not mean that little children are evil, just up to a certain age they do not know how to empathize. But the first grader is already possible to trust the animal.

Small dogs for kids

A small child is better to have a small dog that will down to the ground, pulling the leash. Moreover, many small breeds are active and live well with children. Pay attention to the Cocker Spaniel – fun party games for the children, restless, loyal and good-natured. Cocker Spaniel requires grooming, but if you are willing to periodically take the dog to the groomer, it can become a faithful friend for your child.
Show the child the Walt Disney cartoon "Lady and the Tramp", in which the main character was a Cocker Spaniel, and he will surely agree that this is the best breed in the world.

The poodle is a breed familiar to many. Regardless of size, the poodle is always happy with life rascal, who is not averse to have fun with the baby. This dog does not require long walks, but at home she behaves quite actively.
One of the indisputable advantages poodles – long lifespan. These dogs live to 16 years.

The Yorkshire Terrier also loves children. This breed is very popular and surely your child will enjoy, especially if you have a daughter, because York can be dressed up and stab him bows with long bangs. A dog is not necessarily a long walk, but she'll be glad to accompany young master, both at home and in the yard. You also should be prepared to pay for regular trimming by a professional, and also take care of the hair of the animal house.

Large dogs suitable for children

Teenager you can buy a large dog that will become not only a friend but also a protector. Perfectly suited for this purpose, the German shepherd dog is a popular favorite with intelligent eyes and a big heart. This dog likes to chase a ball and bring the plate, but if necessary can easily get rid of the offender.

Labrador and Labrador Retriever are also family dogs. Few things can be more endearing that tolstolop Labrador puppies, but grow up, these dogs remain cheerful and attractive. They are active, but flexible, and will do everything possible to please the owner.