First, note the miniature dogs. Such breeds as the toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua are great for keeping even in a small apartment. These babies are important to next to them was their host, and then they will be happy. Remember, however, that even with a small dog that is accustomed to doing their business in the tray, you need to walk outside to let her frolic and socialize with other dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier requires careful grooming. Often small dogs are excitable, so be prepared for the fact that your dog at the slightest whisper would burst out barking.
A dog is not only a loyal friend, but also the coat during molting. So many people have decided to have a dog in the apartment, prefer short-haired breeds. Very convenient for keeping at home the miniature Pinscher, pug, Dachshund, French bulldog. This small dogs that don't take up much space, but it will give you a lot of joy.
If you are an active person who loves long walks, you should pay attention to the breed, representatives of which are able to support you in your hobby. This mittelschnauzer, husky, Scottish Terrier, Fox Terrier, Beagle. These dogs would be happy to accompany you during your Cycling, will be worn close to while you are skating, and will never refuse to walk with you through the woods. Those who are able to provide the dog needs exercise, you can easily take the puppy apartment is one of these breeds.
Many people, taking the dog into the house, prefer a good-natured dogs who are not picky, don't make much noise, get along well with all Pets and love children. Such breeds include the Labrador Retriever, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Irish setter. If you do not confuse the size of the dog, feel free to make one of those giant Dobryakov with faithful eyes. Those whose size does not allow to contain the dog, the weight of which approaches a hundredweight, you can take the Cocker Spaniel or the poodle, which are also characterized by a light and playful character.
When choosing a puppy, remember that every dog, despite oxepanone quality, has its own unique character, and even the representative of the most calm and phlegmatic breed can be headstrong mischievous child. Be prepared to love your new family member as he is, and then buy dog will bring you only joy.