Choosing a petticoat for full

Do not give up wearing skirts. Just choose a slightly tapered or slightly flared from the hip model. Of course, no mini-skirts in your wardrobe should not be. Length - always a little below the knee. The best option would be a classic pencil skirt and model in the floor.

Wide bottom will visually reduce the cut, which can be both the front and side. The smell of the skirt will work as a vertical, which visually pull silhouette.

If we talk about the color, you can choose absolutely any. Just don't overdo printed models. Especially cage, peas, small and large flowers too. A solid skirt is the perfect option.


Big hips: choose pants and jeans

Choose slightly tapering and slightly flared from the hip pants model. Firmly press the arrow or vertical stripes decor on the sides visually stretches the silhouette.

Prefer straight, but not skinny jeans. The latter will make the bottom even more massive. Before buying, make sure that the denim is not too stretches, otherwise there is a risk to buy a model a size smaller. The best colour for you is dark blue. At worst, you can purchase a black or gray jeans. White and light blue model only saktsentirovat attention to large forms.

Dress for full hips

The most important rule - the dress should be neither too cramped nor too spacious. The first option will only draw attention to imperfections, and the second will mask the treacherous beauty of magnificent forms. Prefer fitted models or which are under the breast and have recklessne from the hips.

Perfect sheath dress with a slightly tapered hem, wrap dress with zipper on the smell. Avoid models with a broad form of the neck as they will make the shoulders broad, making a shapeless figure. A strapless dress will not fit you for the same reason.

General guidelines

Never wear clothes, which in the area of the buttocks have a picture or any decoration. Fabric skirts and trousers should be dull and monotonous. Try to avoid any glitter - fabric satin, lustrous silk, lurex and so on. Not fit you and voluminous fabrics such as boucle and velvet. Due to its texture they will add extra inches to the hips.

Discard clothing that has pockets. They will only add volume to your shapes, like pleated with ruffles.

Do not overtighten the waist, even if you are wasp. On the background of the overly narrow waist large hem will look even better. Try not to wear massive jewelry to your wrist. With lowered hands they will attract additional attention to the forms, visually expanding them.

Interesting facts

Finally I want to add that the American experts came to very interesting conclusion. It turns out, the winner of the wide bottom have higher intelligence and have, as a rule, the most intelligent children. Designers in this case notice that the fashion for large forms returned. Indeed, clothing style 50 years now at a premium. Be confident in your own attractiveness!