Please note that in case of correct pronunciation of the sound "l" organs of articulation take the following situation: teeth are open, lips slightly disclosed; the language is long and slender, its tip rests at the base of the front upper teeth; the air stream passes from the side edges of the tongue and then out of the corners of the lips.
Do with the child the following exercises that lead to a correct pronunciation of the letter "l".
Proceed to exercise No. 1. His goal is to learn to relax the muscles of the tongue. Laugh with a child, open your mouth, put the front wide edge of the tongue to the lower lip. Hold it in this position for a count of one to ten. You can compete with a child who longer hold his tongue in a similar position.
Do the exercise "Horse". It strengthens the muscles of the tongue and develops the skill of lifting the tongue up. Smile, show teeth, open your mouth and try clicking the tip of the tongue (e.g., chattering like horse hooves).
Make with your child exercise "Swing". His goal is to teach you to quickly change the position of the tongue. This is necessary when connecting the l sound vowels a, s, o, u. Smile, open your mouth, put the tongue behind the bottom teeth on the inside, then lift it up, resting the tip of the upper teeth. Alternately change the position of the tongue 6-8 times, gradually speeding up the pace.
Proceed to exercise "a breeze". Objective: to develop a stream of air, coming right at the edges of language. Laugh with a child, slightly open mouth, biting the tip of tongue front teeth and blow. Check the existence and the direction of the air jet, bringing to the mouth of the little piece of cotton wool. If you systematically do this exercise out loud (with the inclusion of voice) and raised upward by the tip of the tongue, the end result is a beautiful sound "l".
Practice with the child to utter syllables and words with the sound "l" - sing to the tune of some song: lo-lo-lo La-La-La, Lu-Lu-Lu. Practice in the pronunciation of such words as saw, hammer, light bulb, horse, etc.