Bifiform prescribed not only for adults but also children. It contains bacteria and lactobacilli, due to which the body is fighting the problem. Price Bifiform will not please everyone, but the savings never hurt. So you should pick up analogue Bifiform cheaper.

Cheaper counterparts Bifiform

The drug Linex is designed to return the gut to its usual acidic environment. Thanks to bacteria in its composition, pathogens die. Linex soft pomogaet to get rid of the problem, so it can be used even infants.

But, the drug is not able to help if:

Diarrhea hurts more than 10 days. In this case, the body has suffered a real collapse and he needs more strong tool that will be able to put it all together;

If you suffer from fever (more than 38C), the useful bacteria that carries the drug will die in the beginning.

Atsilakt aims – increase of acidity in the environment of the intestine. One of the advantages of this drug is to mention his rapid response.

Bifidumbacterin – another cheap analogue Bifiform. Its main goal is to reduce the effect of fermentation in the gut, for this reason it should be combined with atsilakt, which in turn deals with the adjustment of acidity.

In any case, you should consult with your doctor about the possible replacement of the drug Bifiform on cheaper analogue.