"Bifiform" is available for both adults and for children – "Bifiform Baby." Children's drug is a biologically active food Supplement. It includes vitamins, and beneficial bacteria that promote elimination of intestinal disorders. In addition, the complex of bacteria that is part of the "Bififormand provides strong immunity and protect the body of the baby, normalizing the balance of intestinal microflora.
"Bifiform" is intended for normalization of work of intestines. In addition, it prevents the occurrence and promotes elimination of intestinal disorders, and supports the immune system in children older than two years and adults. Children under the age of two years prescribed "Bifiform Baby."
"Bifiform" available in capsules. Recommended dosage it the next. To restore the intestinal microflora and prevent the development of dysbiosis, you need to ingest 1 tablet 2-3 times a day or once a day 2-3 tablets. It does not matter, before or after a meal to take the medicine. On prescription the number of capsules taken per day can be increased to four. Treatment usually "Bififormom" is 3 weeks. In acute diarrhoea it can be taken for 3-4 days.
"Bifiform Baby" is available in chewable tablets and powder. Tablets are usually prescribed children 2-3 years. The daily dose of this drug is 2-3 pills. Children older than 3 years "Bifiform Malysh should take 2 tablets 2-3 times a day.
"Bifiform Baby", produced in powder form, is required prior to application dilute in water, juice, formula, breast milk or added to food, at the rate of 1 sachet in 0,5-1 Cup of liquid. This powder has a pleasant orange-raspberry flavor, therefore, as a rule, love children. The daily rate of powder is the same as tablets. Children up to three years appoint 1 paketiku 2-3 times a day, over three years – 2 packet.