You will need
  • - pike (1) 600-1000 g;
  • - potatoes - 5 PCs.;
  • - onions - 2 PCs.;
  • - sour cream - 3 tbsp;
  • - mayonnaise - 3 tbsp;
  • - Apple cider vinegar - 3 tbsp;
  • - pepper, lemon - to taste and desire.
Before the preparation, you must prepare the fish: brush the pike from the tail to the head. Carcasses cut off the head, fins and tail, make a longitudinal incision, to remove the entrails, wash the fish and then cut the pike in portions.
Dilute the vinegar 1 Cup cold water. In this solution for a few minutes, place the fish pieces.
Onions clean, wash and cut into small thin rings. Potatoes wash and peel, cut into rings or slices according to your taste.
From the acetic solution, remove the pike and wipe with a paper towel, and then don't forget to salt and pepper. Place on a baking tray, which you must pre-lubricated small amount of vegetable oil.
Also in a pan put onions and potatoes, salt and pepper. Pre-combine sour cream and mayonnaise, pour this mixture of fish. Also in this mix you can add any spices for baking fish or finely chopped dill depending on your culinary preferences.
A baking sheet with pike cover with foil and send in the oven at 180 degrees for about 1 hour. After the specified time, remove the fish from the pan to a plate, garnish with sprigs of dill, parsley, slices of lemon and serve hot. Now you will be able to appreciate the taste and aroma of this delicious fish.