Perhaps the simplest way to decorate the stuffed pike is the decoration mayonnaise. Take any mayonnaise in a soft pack, the tip of which has a bottleneck with thread. Press the packet of sauce and "paint" beautiful patterns on the fish, through the thin neck of the mayonnaise will be neatly out of the packaging). Draw flowers or just wavy lines. Make them three-dimensional, picking up the package of mayonnaise up.
Decorate the stuffed pike with vegetables. Take a cucumber and a sharp knife. Start making zigzag cuts in a circle passing through the vegetable. Gradually deepen the cuts. When you cut a large enough section of the vegetable, separate the halves. You will get a beautiful flower with thin pointed petals. Inside the flower, place the olive or olive. Note that pickles curly is easier to cut than fresh. Such a flower you can make from fresh tomato.
With a sharp knife clean the Apple, separating the peel from the pulp. Try to cut the peel flat solid strip. The longer you make "chips", the more beautiful the decoration. When you clear all the Apple, wrap the rind in a neat flower. Let it gradually expands from the middle, increasing in diameter.
If you are a pike, cut into serving pieces, add these pieces into the shape of a fish. Between the slices lay slices of lemon. This layer will be and the decor, and the guarantee of hygiene in your dish.
Clear purple onion from the skin. Divide it into thin half-rings. Lay the onion slices on the dish, directing the washer in one direction. Put them in a circle so that the "rays" out from a common center. In the centre of the "flower" put an olive or olive.
Take raw or cooked carrots, clean it from the skin. Curly with a knife cut from its surface five longitudinal lines. Then start cutting carrots with a knife, slice. You have bright beautiful flowers.