Alexander. The honorable first place in the list of most popular names for boys in 2015 on the right is the name Alexander (in Greek "defender"). Alexandra often get sick as a child, but grows up strong, healthy and motivated men. They tend to achieve their goals and become the best in the business. Alexandra have a reputation for being responsive, friendly and fair people. Sasha is very popular among beautiful ladies, as he behaves with them like a true gentleman. However, it is difficult to opt for the one beloved, so the qualities of family loyalty and devotion is not peculiar to Alexander.

Maxim. For those who decided to name their baby Maxim, you should know that a boy with this name will grow up obedient, intelligent and considerate beyond his years. In childhood and adolescence Maxims studying hard, pleasing parents good grades. Growing up, the Maxims often become unsure of themselves and their abilities, do not know how to defend their point of view, so parents need to work with the baby, from an early age, developing in him leadership qualities. Adults representatives of this name have a amorous character, but change to my choice of rarely. This is because the Maxims choose a wife strong and strong-willed women who are a little bit afraid.

Artem. Most young parents in 2015 will call their children Artegami. This name represents "the perfection and safety of human health." In his childhood Artem very sociable and friendly, are inclined to always speak the truth, for which they often get. Mature Artem flexible and hardworking, not careerists, in life all we achieve through hard work. Married, they become faithful and loving husbands and good fathers.

Ivan. Despite the variety of different names, many young parents in 2015 call newborn boys Ivan. In the character of Ivan combined rigidity and softness, strength and weakness, of openness and cunning, tenderness and unbridled fury, good and deceit. Versatile Vani will find themselves in many Hobbies, which will show good results. Adult members of this Russian name become model husbands and fathers.

Egor. This is not too common name in 2015 will be paid a lot of attention from new parents, choosing suitable name for your child. In this name, in Greek meaning "farmer" has nature has the love of work and independence. Little Egor's attracted to knowledge and from early childhood, try to find Hobbies to occupy your mind, so boys with the same name it is recommended to give in technical circles for discovering talents. Egor extremely just, so forgiving is not a revealed lie. Adults Egorov become real leaders in career and in family relations.

Dmitry. Little Dima differ a complicated character, a spoiled bully. In the childhood of Dima often suffer from respiratory and infectious diseases, there is instability of the nervous system, but age health is improving and capricious character degenerates into obstinacy. Dmitry have a flexible mind and a great sense of humor, so since childhood, I have many friends and are famous for the soul of the company. In his personal life Dmitry is not very lucky, as they find it difficult to opt for a beloved one due to their amorous nature.

In addition, 2015 will mark the return of such a beautiful male names like Michael, Alex, and Daniel. Children born this year will often be called Novels and Andrei. The light will be a little Vladyki and Cyril, bogatyrs Ilya and noble Sergius.