Deposits in banks

This way of investment is the most stable and conservative. But it is not profitable. Of course, in December 2014 after raising the refinancing rate of banks has significantly increased the interest on ruble deposits up to 22-25% per annum, but in General the average interest rate is kept at 15-18% per annum. This measure aims to attract depositors, and indeed it is happening. But even this interest rate slightly exceeds the rate of inflation in a country that is in crisis has taken a catastrophic nature.
So Bank deposits are designed for investors with a very large capital, which they want to keep. Experts advise you to split the amount into three parts and open multiclad in rubles, dollars and euros. So, diversifying risks, it is possible to protect against depreciation of one currency or even its depreciation.
By the way, the government insures deposits up to 1.4 million rubles (or the equivalent at the current exchange rate in foreign currency). So it is better to err and to choose the Bank where the Deposit insurance system. Then in case of bankruptcy or revocation of the license of the Bank state kompensiruet investors losses.
The deposits of gold and other precious metals

During the crisis, the prices of precious metals and raw materials tend to increase, as investors try to buy more of them – gold and silver has always been famous for its liquidity. However, in the crisis of 2014 the prices of precious metals fell. In 2015, experts expect a reversal. So, if the time to buy a few kilos of gold or silver and resell them as soon as prices grow, you can make good money.
The most common investment in gold – it is associated with stability and wealth. More sophisticated investors are becoming silver, and platinum, and even aluminum.
A private person, not possessing great savings, better not to buy physical gold or other metal, as proper storage of ingots is quite a complex and specific activity. The option "store the gold in a safe-Deposit box" is bad because the rent is quite large, and not the fact that the potential profit will cover costs.
So for a private investor with a small capital is most advantageous to open an Unallocated metal account. Many banks, such as savings, provide an opportunity to make it to your clients right in the office online service (in this case virtual account Sberbank online).
CHI is the same precious metals, as they are a virtual investor. They are physically located in the Bank vault, and you can at any time reclaim them from the store. But only needed if these problems with transportation and storage? Easier to resort to the Internet and buy virtual gold.
The purchase of securities: stocks and bonds

The purchase of securities has two objectives: long-term investment for dividends, and short-term – for resale, in other words, speculating on the difference in prices. In any case, the investor requires a thorough knowledge of the market, proper selection of a portfolio of conservative and aggressive securities, the right choice of Manager.
Securities individual person to buy impossible. This is done through a broker – an individual or company with a proper license. Now in a period of falling prices of domestic shares, a great opportunity to collect an impressive package of Russian securities in the hope that in 2015, the index of the Moscow exchange will increase.
Investing in mutual FUNDS

As independent buying and selling securities requires a lot of experience and it's quite risky, it is better to entrust to professionals. There are special organizations – mutual funds that deal with investing in securities on a professional level. The rate of return of mutual Funds depends on several factors, including the liquidity of the selected securities, the level of development of the Economics section, which rotate stock, getting into the trend – that is the right game to increase or decrease the value of the shares and so on.
Average return of mutual Funds is declared at the level of 40-45% per annum, but the actual figure may be much less and much more. For example, at the end of 2014, many mutual Funds showing good results throughout the year, "dipped" due to the fall of Russian securities.
Investing in mutual Funds does not guarantee continuous profit, so we must carefully choose a management company, find out what assets trading, to assess whether the prospective financial instruments used by the company, and then to trust her with their money.
In this case, too, it makes sense to diversify risks and invest in several mutual Funds in different directions. By the way, there are mutual Funds and banks. Good return show mutual Funds under the management of VTB24 and Sberbank.

Investing in property – a controversial investment in 2015. There are reasons that due to the lack of money from the population and the continuation of active construction on the Russian real estate market "gives way" and investors will lose a significant portion of potential profits.
On the other hand, is lost profits, not the asset itself. Especially as renting commercial real estate is still a profitable business. So serious businessmen continue to purchase real estate, but not resell it, rent it.
A hot topic in 2015 could be investments in real estate abroad, given the instability of the ruble and a potential increase in the dollar and the Euro. If the growth of foreign currency continues, it may give good profit in rubles. And investing in real estate will insure inflation in the country of its location.
Investing in start-UPS (venture capital business)

Offline and online is gaining popularity model of venture business. This is when business owners or the authors of business ideas looking for investors to implement their goals in life. Most often under the venture capital business often meant still investing in a business idea or early stage.
Such projects require significant investments, and one project can have multiple investors. Profit from start-up shall be distributed among them in proportion to the investment in the business. Investors typically receives 40-50% of the profits.

This system is somewhat similar to crowdfunding, but unlike donations, investors in the business idea get a good profit.
The profitability of some start-UPS of up to 1000% a year, but to invest in such projects need careful. Such a fabulous profit brings a maximum one of the ten projects.
The acquisition of a stake in the business

This is akin to investing in start-UPS with the only difference that the investors are investing in existing businesses. For example, the business owner decided to expand the range of products or use a new point.
The acquisition of a stake in the business is mainly due to the purchase of a large stake or buyout. It can be done offline and online. For example, this may be the purchase of shares on the Shareholder site of project payment system Webmoney. These shares can be sold if the price will rise, or keep in their property, receiving dividends and participating in the management of the company.
Investing in PAMM-accounts

This is the new and most promising investment in 2015. It involves the placement of funds in trust account the trader Forex.
Speaking simply, the Forex is an international financial-monetary market, the analogue of the stock exchange, only on the Internet. And like any such enterprise, working on Forex is not possible for everyone. Most go bankrupt within the first year. But there are a few managers who have been operating for a long period. After a while they create a open investment account can put your funds individuals investors. Now managers own a large amount of money and can produce more profitable operations. The investor at the end of the trading period, you may withdraw your money together with interest.
What is the benefit to the Manager? He exposes the public offer – that is, the conditions of the investments in his account. Normally, it takes 25-50% of the profit received by the investor.
The risks in this type of large investment. The Manager could easily lose a significant portion of capital – then the losses will suffer and the investor. But in the interest of the Manager to quickly exit the drawdown in profit – because he is also losing money, and if he is a professional trader, it depends on his earnings.
PAMM-accounts vary in aggressiveness. The most profitable – the most aggressive, they could bring investors up to 100% income per year. Moderate bring about 40-60% per year, and conservative – 20-40% per year.
You can apply various investment techniques, such as scalping – the entrance to the PAMM-account of Manager when he is in drawdown, and exit at the peak of profitability. Then you can significantly multiply your capital.
Investing in the PAMM-account are made through special brokers. The most famous – Alpari, Forex Trend, Panteon-Finance.
Participate in P2P lending

This is another prospective way of investment in 2015 – P2P-lending, that is, the micro-loans directly to borrowers. Loans directly to individuals to individuals can not give. However, in Internet there are certain sites that allow people to lend each other money at interest. As a reward, such court takes the part of the remuneration – typically 40-50% of the profits. In this area provides additional options: insures loans are looking for debtors if they refuse to return the money and provide consulting support.
The essence of microcredit is that people are turning to the platform for micro-loans to several thousand – for example, to "hold on" to pay or for business expansion. Interest rate – about 1% per day. In a month leaves about 30%. Given that the profit part takes the platform where the applications of borrowers and creditors are aligned, remains 15-20% per month, or about 180-240% per year!
This type of investment is very risky, as the percentage of non-repayment of microloans in Russia the highest in the world. However, such investments are considered to be the most profitable. According to experts, microfinance institutions earn 1,000% APR, if give out loans at 3% per day.
The main thing in this kind of investment is to choose a suitable site that will insure the deposits of the investor, so he came back at least the body of the loan, and ensures quality communication between all stakeholders, and not be ruined because of the wrong marketing strategy. In Russia, the pioneer of such kind of investment and only the promising party is a social network webtransfer-finance.