Rules of the cat perch

When cutting the fish it is necessary to remember some safety precautions. Carefully remove the fins, dorsal fin pull, and then cut off the head, make a longitudinal incision and remove the insides. Further, the perch carcass thoroughly under running water.

Make a longitudinal incision along the back, peel the skin and sharp, with a quick movement, clean the scales. After you clean the perch, rinse it under running water.

River perch baked in the oven

For this dish you will need:

- perch (carcasses of medium size) — 2 PCs.;

- lemon — 1 PC.;

- garlic — 4-5 cloves;

- salt — to taste;

- parsley, dill — 1 bunch;

- condiment for fish — to taste.

Greens rinse, then finely chop. Garlic cloves peel and chop plates.

Disassembled bass pillars inside and outside RUB with salt and spices for fish on your taste. On the outside of the bird make several parallel cuts, which you want to insert slices of lemon. The abdomen of each fish, start with greens and 1 lemon slice.

Each carcass wrap in foil, greased with sunflower oil, place on a baking sheet, which should be sent to the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180oC. After the specified time, remove the fish from the oven, unwrap the foil and put the bass 7 minutes in the oven to brown.

Feeding European perch should be hot right on the foil, since it can remain juice. A great side dish would be vegetables.