Pre-sale preparation of the body

The machine should be clean both outside and inside. The car before selling it is necessary to carefully wash and then explore. Chips and corrosion to the paint coating body should be treated with special rust Converter and carefully shaded. Rotten sills should be treated with fiberglass and cover it with coating of the "floatstone". If the engine is very dirty, then it too should be washed. The curves of the drives can be hidden under the caps.

To the body of the car looked well maintained, offers professional polishing paint. The wizard will remove the top layer of varnish and re-Polish the surface. After this procedure, will disappear small flaws and the car will look much better.

Preparation of the interior of the vehicle

The interior should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove all debris, clean the ashtray. If the cabin is difficult stains, it is necessary to use the services of professional dry cleaning. Stains on the chairs, you can close the covers.

Special attention should be given to the pleasant smell in the cabin. If the car smoked a lot, the smell of cigarettes disappears more than a month.

The pre-sales of salon it is also desirable to replace the cabin filter. During the long term operation of the filter start bacteria, which can also be the cause of unpleasant odor in the cabin.All bulbs should be lit, the heaters to work, and the wipers a good clean glass.

Technical condition of the vehicle sold

Among the purely technical shortcomings of the car first, you should remove the ones that directly affect the comfort of movement. If the car's alignment cannot be adjusted, then you can slightly pull one of the wheels to align the car.

No need to deceive the buyer

When selling a used car still need to try to be as honest. Tell the buyer about the weaknesses and specify the date of the last service. Mistaken are those who believe that if to conceal the real situation, the chances of a sale can significantly increase. Detailed information you will not scare the buyer but rather position it to yourself. It turns out that he is an honest and decent man who is willing to share all useful information.