Earnings on Android apps

The most affordable way to make money on Android is the downloading of applications "energy) with them!". This is a very real and simple earnings. Because application developers to gain profits, you need to make your product the top. And to achieve this goal they spend their own funds, paying for the application download.

To profit, you should not just download the app from PlayMarket, and register for special exchange. Well, the Internet is full of such. The most popular exchange of all is considered AppRating.ru. When you register you must download a special app for smartphone. And then starts the execution of tasks. After opening the app, you can see a list of existing tasks. For each download you get from 5 to 10 RUB.

But don't stop at one exchange. Because this type of income is still insufficiently popular, and tasks may be missed.

Earnings on Android. Create apps

заработок на андроид

If earnings in the download seems too small, you can act as a developer of applications for Android. With the huge amount of programs their knowledge in development can be minimal. But, unfortunately, for novice developers rarely make money on the app or its add-ons. And then, comes the introduction of in-app advertising. People will periodically see ads in the application, and the developer will get paid for it.

Mobile photobanks

заработок на андроид

If the owner of Android often makes with it the photos, that is another way of earning on the Android. There are agencies specialized on selling photos taken with your phone or tablet. For this you only need to download the app, take photos and put your photos for sale. One of the most popular services — Cashlot.

The average price for 1 photo is a little more than $1. But as sales increase, you can increase the value of each photo.