Moonshine suchoparek is not a mandatory link in the distillation of alcohol, without it it is possible to do. However, it significantly affects the quality of the final product, filtering out harmful impurities and fusel oil. Machine suchoparek is much more convenient because it allows to dispense with numerous distillations of alcohol, consuming a lot of time and effort.

The device is a hermetically sealed container, usually it is placed between the coil and the cooling and distillation tank. The tank is connected to them by thin tubes intended for the steam movement.

The principle of moonshine suchoparek

In moonshine the suchoparek the following processes occur:

  • Alcohol vapor in the tube comes from the moonshine
  • Condenseries the mixture is all vapor.
  • Continuous supply of heat leads to boiling of ethanol.
  • Fusel oil settle and linger on the bottom of the tank because they are heavier.
  • Lightweight alcohol-containing steam is sent to the coil.
  • At the bottom of the tank, you can see residue that looks like water with an unpleasant smell of bread.

The secrets of the craft, suchoparek

The advantages of machine suchoparek not limited to, clean and high quality alcohol. It can also prevent the mash from the still tank if it is spilling out, creating a barrier. To do this, the incoming tube is placed 5-10 cm below the one that assigns the net couples into the coil.

Speed of action and the degree of deposition of condensate on the walls of moonshine suchoparek depends on the size and material of the walls. Most quickly cools the steam in a large vessel, of glass or metal, a slower – plastic or ceramic. You can make suchoparek your own hands and speed up the cooling with an additional fan.