You will need
  • postpartum bandage;
  • - healthy fats;
  • - cardio;
  • - strength training;
  • - surgeon.
The first event contributing to the reduction of the abdomen, are still in the hospital. In this case, you should not take the initiative, but be sure to consult with a gynecologist about every step regarding your overall health and care of the stomach in particular. Doctors will constantly monitor the reduction process of your uterus, so the volume of the stomach will decrease eyes. Gynecologists often recommend to do special exercises for the abdominal muscles on the second day after birth. Run them frequently, without getting out of bed. In addition, talk with your doctor about postpartum brace. If there are no contraindications, wear it as often as possible and the uterus will shrink more effective and much faster muscles come in tone.
It is believed that after natural childbirth to proceed to the gym only after 6 weeks and after cesarean section - after 10 weeks. This period is necessary to restore internal organs, healing of joints and mucous membranes. However, you can perform a special breathing exercises and some yoga asanas. At minimum load you can strengthen the abdominal muscles, fill the body with energy. In addition, during this period of postpartum continue to wear a bandage and special slimming underwear. So you'll not only look slimmer, but will also help the muscles to retain the tone.
Contrary to popular stereotype, to lose weight locally in any area impossible: the grease out evenly from the entire body. That is why you should forget about the popular exercises (curls, etc) because by themselves they are useless and will not help you remove belly fat. To regain a slender waist, you can only with the help of proper nutrition with the caloric deficit and also well-designed fitness. First of all, do some cardio (running, jumping rope, playing on the treadmill, the stepper, ellipse, stationary bike). You want to work for 30-40 minutes in the fat burning zone pulse rate and after the workout is 50-60 minutes. The effect you will notice after 2-3 weeks.
Unfortunately, cardio helps burn not only fat but also muscles. So, as quickly as possible to get rid of hanging belly, you need to include strength training with weights. Beautiful abdominal muscles fine forms the so-called "base", as well as some static exercises, such as plank. To begin strength training you can three months after giving birth.
Proper nutrition is a key factor for getting rid of postpartum belly. About what diet to exclude sweet, fatty, fried, starchy foods, many people know. However, these "hackneyed" advice is not enough to make the stomach flat. Eat fractional, not to stretch the stomach. Complex carbohydrates try to eat in the morning, and for dinner, give preference to protein-rich foods and green vegetables. Go easy on the fruit: despite their favor, they can cause allergies in the baby (if you breastfeed), and also slow down the lose weight process due to the large amount of sugar in them.
Unfortunately, the ugly stomach may bulge or droop "apron" even several years after birth. If it's not excess fat, and stretched excess skin or diverging muscles (at diastasis), to help you can only the surgery. Do not be afraid of abdominoplasty: this procedure is considered to be one of the easiest. The micro-plastic belly with a trim excess skin may be limited to a barely noticeable scar, which subsequently can be removed. The diastasis of the anterior abdominal wall muscles also corrected only through surgery.