At this time, the baby needs to feel your support and care. Most try gently pressed him to her, ukazyvaete on hands and lean to his chest, the baby could feel the heartbeat to which it is so used in another world.

Starting a life, a child will be associated with you like an invisible thread – sensitively to adopt your mood, feel when you are not around. Each such point will be to disturb little man. So try to be gentle, not to break, even if very tired or heavy, you have to be together all the time.

While in the tummy, the baby was like in the crib. Covered under mother's footsteps and respond to the gentle touch of your favorite hands. Born, the baby will miss this comfort. Huge space around can be really scary – especially on the street. Therefore it is better to walk with your child in the stroller – so you are a little visually narrow the space around the baby. And if he's still freaking out – just a bit of his shake.

Scientists have proved that being still in mom's belly, the child hears and understands everything. Pregnant women are strongly advised to communicate with the baby as often as possible. Getting used to the voice of my mother from the first months of infancy, in the future the child can distinguish it from hundreds of voices of other women. Singing lullabies, reading stories, and simply talking with your baby, you will constantly remind yourself that you are here with your miracle. And of course, every moment when you are together, tell him about how you need it.

Intonation and feelings that are hidden in these words, the child will accept on a subconscious level and fully feel your attitude toward it. Anyway, do not be afraid to show your love, hug, kiss, play with her fingers, stroking the skin. And fold the common misperception that this is what indulge children. Love child will not spoil, but excessive rigor can put between you and the invisible wall, and the child will feel unwanted and miserable.

And don't forget about the game. The baby should develop, moreover, that at first it will be more interested in things now made up his world. He can't hold his head up, rise and turn around, but moving the handles to something bright, beautiful, emitting different sounds.

Soft toys are not very useful (they can cause allergies from the dust on the lint and solid toys (about them it can hurt). Take your baby with the bright ribbons (under supervision), rattles and rubber toys.