We are so pleased to stroke the velvet, delicate skin of the crumbs. But it must be remembered that she have a baby is very sensitive and has no protection. So she can start to perform its function in full effect, will take three years! All this time must be very diligent to take care of the skin using cosmetic products specifically designed for babies. Before you buy you need to carefully read the label. Because some funds are allowed to use immediately after birth and the rest only after a year. If baby is prone to allergies, before using a new cream, it's better to do a simple test. To do this, apply a little cream behind ear child (or pen) and a day to look around this place: if there is rash and redness, do not use this tool! Gentle baby skin requires daily washing. To splashing in the bath was a pleasant experience, the room should be comfortable (optimum temperature + 24 degrees). It is also necessary to take care that the water was not too cold or hot. Well, if the water temperature is 37 degrees (you can check this by using a water thermometer). In the bath should be just enough water that it only reached half of the baby tummy. You can add swimming infusion series (chamomile) or a drop of special oil. After completion of the bathing oil body baby moisturizer that is suitable to him. RUB into the skin, while gently massaging.

Pedicure, manicure

Baby nails need cut at least once a week. This "operation" must be carried out a short time, preferably after evening swim (when nails become soft) and when the baby is asleep. Use only safe, special baby scissors with rounded tips! They in any case can not be used with other family members. Before the procedure, wipe the surface of your nails with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The foot (or hand) hold firmly enough, if the baby suddenly wakes up. Cut not very short and straight. Don't cut corners – that the nails are not ingrown! Gently extend your fingers baby so that it is easy to maneuver with the scissors.

Such procedures, and especially swimming is the ideal way to establish an emotional connection with their parents! After all, the most common procedure is easy to turn into fun games that are very popular with babies.